The Environmental impact of printing

The impact of printing on the environment is often overlooked by even the more environmentally aware businesses and organisations. It's not just a matter of using recycled paper: from electricity usage to harmful chemicals, there are many ways the printing industry affects the environment. And yet, printing has the lowest take-up of environmental policies of any major industry.

At Oxford GreenPrint we do most of our printing on a Riso printer, which has several environmental advantages:

  • Inks: Riso inks are soy-based and therefore healthier to both the environment and the workers.
  • Electricity usage: a Riso printer uses only a sixth of the electricity as that of a digital one.
  • Waste cartridges: unlike toner cartridges, which are carcinogenic, cartridges for vegetable based inks can be changed without health implications. All of our cartridges are recyled
  • Paper: we use only post consumer waste recycled paper. We also do not use glossy paper, which has further adverse affects on the environment.