What we offer

Oxford GreenPrint provides ethical, low impact printing to community groups, campaign groups, NGOs and businesses both in Oxford and across the UK. All our printing is done on recycled paper or card using renewable energy.

Note that the pictures below are intended as a rough guide rather than exact samples; the web operates at a much lower resolution than printing, so it’s impossible to properly convey on a webpage how a printed item will really look.

Riso Ink Printing

Our favourite printing method; it offers low cost, low energy and low emission printing with minimal waste. This process uses just a sixth of the energy of the average digital printer and uses soya inks which are completely free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, the polluting chemicals used in most conventional printing). We print in fixed shades (currently black, green, red, orange and blue); text and line art prints well, but photographs and shades of gray are a bit more challenging.

Single-colour Riso printing:

Single-colour printing in black, on card



Single-colour printing in green







See more examples of what a Riso can do on our Facebook page.

Laser Printing

Our laser printer, while not as eco-friendly as our ink printers, provide higher quality results, so we would use these for jobs such as business cards, wedding invites etc. They also allow us to print in full colour, although as our more expensive option this tends to be more affordable only for small or medium print runs.

Design and layout work

We are happy to help with any layout and design work needed. We have experience of working with a variety of NGOs and campaign groups, producing leaflets, magazines, publicity for events and campaigns, as well as flyers and posters for local music promoters. For more extensive projects we can also recommend several local designers.

Other services

We also offer paper sales, comb-binding, lamination, cutting and trimming services. Contact us if you need more details.


We reserve the right to refuse printing for any material or organisation we consider to be unethical. This would include anything which promotes social injustice, war or destruction of the environment, as well as corporations and mainstream political parties.